01 Overview

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When the 3ICE Hockey League skated onto the scene, they were faced with the formidable challenge of enhancing their brand visibility, boosting ticket sales, and captivating a growing audience as a start-up hockey league entering their 2nd season. With 3ICE, it is “Overtime All The Time,” baby!

With the 3ICE season held during the summer months, our challenge was to develop a location-focused strategy that would resonate with hockey purists and families during the traditional off-season. While the NHL typically attracts older, affluent males, our goal was to broaden our appeal to include younger viewers engaged with hockey content on social media, as well as their families.

To overcome this challenge, 3ICE partnered with Pipitone, an expert in social media strategy. We crafted a game-changing campaign targeting specific markets where 3ICE games were played. Pipitone managed a robust organic and paid social media presence, generating anticipation and excitement for the fast-paced 3ICE games. Through their expertise and strategic campaign, the 3ICE Hockey League successfully raised awareness and created excitement among coaches, players, and fans. Pipitone utilized platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn.

02 Services

Pipitone successfully captivated today’s sports audience by creating engaging content that showcased the thrilling game, highlighted coaches and athletes, and utilized comprehensive social media services. Through a data-driven approach and tailored strategies, Pipitone elevated 3ICE’s brand visibility and ticket sales, capturing the hearts and minds of a captivated audience. Their collaboration paved the way for continued growth and success in the 3ICE Hockey League.


  • Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Digital Advertising
  • User Generated Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Video and Photo Editing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Strategic Planning

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03 Results

The social media presence of the 3ICE Hockey League saw an unprecedented boost, with millions of organic impressions and significant increases in engagements and link clicks. Instagram attracted a younger male audience and Pipitone achieved impressive results in terms of impressions and engagements. Sponsors were delighted with the increased visibility and engagement. This campaign showcases Pipitone’s commitment to delivering impactful results for their clients.

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