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Great brands take strategic insight, a twist of imagination and a well-vetted plan. We’ve built our brand by successfully helping our clients elevate theirs.

Branding is the captivating essence that resides in people’s minds, shaping their perception of your organization. Our strategic thinkers understand your business, products, services, and customers, guiding our branding capabilities to surpass your goals. With industry expertise, we are well-equipped to reach your target audience and help you achieve and exceed your aspirations. Whether you’re starting from scratch or revitalizing your brand, we’re here to keep your audience engaged and hooked.

  • What is your brand’s place in the market? How are you currently perceived? How do you want to be perceived? These are just some of the questions we will help you answer on the journey to delivering a strategic marketing plan that builds and grows your brand equity in the marketplace.

  • When you have multiple product or service offerings that may each have their own brand identity underneath your main “umbrella” brand, our team has the strategic expertise to bring exceptional clarity and powerful positioning to tell your brand’s story with purpose.

  • Launching a new product, service or even a new brand is a meaningful event. Giving that offering a new name isn’t just a matter of throwing a dart at a list on a board. It requires a strategy grounded in science, data and industry expertise. Our team has a proven track record of delivering brand, product and service naming that moves the needle and is seamlessly aligned with your organization’s persona.

  • Building and growing your brand requires a visual identity that’s powerfully consistent and irresistibly creative. Our team of creative directors and designers work together to deliver everything your brand needs to stand out, from foundational logos, color palettes and typography to captivating, award-winning creative executions across any digital, print or video medium.

  • Building your brand’s equity in the marketplace should be a key part of any business plan. Pipitone has proven strategies for bringing your positioning, identity and messaging to life to establish and differentiate your brand from the competition.

  • Your brand identity is the unique set of associations that represent what your brand stands for and promises to its customers. Identity modeling is an exercise that Pipitone uses to further explore your brand’s personality using data-driven and proven brand identity models.

Brands We've Elevated

Whether we’re working to bring a new brand to life or revitalize an existing one, our team has delivered smarter strategies and stunning creativity in service of that mission. From building products and industrial brands, to retail and hospitality or healthcare, we have the tools and expertise to get it done right.

Bobrick Vitro Westinghouse PSCN Envisage Kingspan
Koala Kare
Butler Health System NCDF
Eat'n Park
Epic Metals
Brand voice: What is it and why does it matter?

Brand voice: What is it and why does it matter?

Why is brand voice important? In today's cluttered marketplace, it is imperative to have a consistent and distinctive brand voice to break through the noise. Your brand voice is a reflection of the brand's personality and what you stand for - it's consistent and shouldn't change. Your brand tone is how you communicate your brand voice - the way you convey those characteristics - and it helps to define the words used.

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Converting Brand Equity at AIA’s “Smarter Together Series”

Converting Brand Equity at AIA’s “Smarter Together Series”

My presentation, “Converting Brand Equity into Sales Opportunity”, focuses on using integrated marketing to maintain share of voice, nurture relationships, measure as you go, and gain more conversions. But before I speak that day, I’d like to give you a little sneak peek into my insights.

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