Great brands take strategic insight, a twist of imagination and a well vetted plan. We’ve built our brand by successfully helping our clients elevate theirs.

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Brands We've Elevated

Brand voice: What is it and why does it matter?

Why is brand voice important? In today's cluttered marketplace, it is imperative to have a consistent and distinctive brand voice to break through the noise. Your brand voice is a reflection of the brand's personality and what you stand for - it's consistent and shouldn't change. Your brand tone is how you communicate your brand voice - the way you convey those characteristics - and it helps to define the words used.

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Converting Brand Equity at AIA’s “Smarter Together Series”

My presentation, “Converting Brand Equity into Sales Opportunity”, focuses on using integrated marketing to maintain share of voice, nurture relationships, measure as you go, and gain more conversions. But before I speak that day, I’d like to give you a little sneak peek into my insights.

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